The Hunt Begins

The Hunt Begins:

“When writers ask, can you find me a literary agent?” they don’t realize it’s kind of like asking me “Can you find me the right spouse?” Janet Friedman

Janet Friedman makes me think we need a kind of for authors and agents.

I read a good book, a little dated, but still — How to Find (and Keep) a Literary Agent  lays out a clear and sensible path for looking for a literary agent, and the e-book includes a free upload of How to Write a Query Letter.  I’ve been online for several hours reading Blogs and Websites for writers, agents and publishers, made a long ‘cut and paste’ list of Agents and Agencies in Canada, to begin.

This is the first step:

  • Find a friend who has a friend who is either an agent or a published author who 1) will read my manuscript and a) love It and b) knows, or has a friend who knows, an agent or published author who is a ‘good fit’ for the manuscript, and c) recommend that person to read the Synopsis
  • Research agents and create profiles that include:
    • The books they have helped to publish
    • Read reviews and find the books that are similar to THE CENTRE OF THE COMPASS
    • Read the most recently published of those books before contacting those agents

My Strategy:

  • Blog once a week and work hard at gathering followers who might find me followers who might be a friend of a friend who knows  …..
  • Read ….

Next Blog, I want to write about the genre of ‘Fictional Memoir’ – what does it even mean?