I began teaching later in life (at 50) and after a decade of teaching on campus, I convinced the English department at UBC (6 years ago) that my courses were suited for online learning so I could return to a life of travel while earning an income. I was never motivated by a desire to become a fixture (tenure-track). I came and went; three times teaching with the Semester at Sea program, sailing around the world and 900 miles up the Amazon River and building my house in the jungle in Belize. As a younger person, I studied and worked in theatre, mostly Fringe theatre. My research and productions garnered attention as I toured across Canada with my small theatre troupe (most notably The Happy Cunt 1994). CBC’s Morningside’s host called me ‘The High Priestess of the Fringe’ (1994). I am a recipient of the SSHRC award (1992 – 98) which funded my work on Fringe theatre in Canada: Ordering Chaos, the Canadian Fringe (Ph.D. dissertation, UVic. 1999).

While I am away, the Buddha and the Cactus dance together