The BEST rejection letter yet

I began submitting short stories, both fiction and creative non-fiction, to journals and magazines since January this year (22) with a promise to myself to get serious about getting published. I just received the most encouraging rejection letter — yet. This is the first time I have been invited to skip the waiting period and resubmit. I have about 6 good short stories, and non-fiction shorts, that I will keep submitting for this year. I am going to begin drafting Part Two of my memoir, I don’t have a title yet — but it will mostly take place on the Camino, which I plan on walking again next May. According to my research on how to find a good publisher for the manuscript, the task is easier if I begin by publishing short pieces in recognized literary journals and prestigious magazines like the New Yorker and The Atlantic.
CRAFT: A Timeless Dance
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 5:31 AM
To:Paterson, Erika

[CAUTION: Non-UBC Email]

Dear Erika Paterson,

Thank you for sending us “A Timeless Dance” to consider for CRAFT.
Your essay stood out and we enjoyed the read, but we can accept so few pieces, we do have to decline good work. We’re sorry this isn’t a fit for us right now.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to CRAFT, and hope you will send us work again.

You’re welcome to bypass the three-month waiting period and submit creative nonfiction again soon.

The Editors CRAFT

Submission ID: 27280836Sent by Submittable.
111 Higgins Ave #300, Missoula, MT 59802

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